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Where are we?

Moscow Dubininskaya street, 53/5
Ekaterinburg Shorsa street, 7 floor 3
Novosibirsk 630087,Str. Nemirovich-Danchenko, d.138, of.9
+7 (383) 383-03-75
Barnaul prospekt Kalinina 30/5
Krasnoyarsk Poligonnaya street, 11 D office 303

Volumes of transported goods

от 5 кг
(от 3 дней)

от 1 места, 50кг
(от 12 дней)

от 1 кг
(от 7 дней)

(от 20 дней)

(из Китая за 8 дней)

Минимальные объёмы,

Сборные контейнерные грузы
Морская перевозка + ЖД

Сборные грузы, автодоставка

Морская перевозка + ЖД

из Манчжурии в Новосибирск

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About company

Accuracy - the politeness of kings. And the time - money. Knowing this, we created the company "PRO-FEA".
"PRO-FEA" - a logistics company providing services for foreign trade and the delivery of goods from Southeast Asia. Our suppliers and partners are working in all the countries of this part
the world, including China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam. We predostavltyaem a full range of logistics services and foreign trade - from the search for the manufacturer to deliver directly to the
your door. We deliver goods both using their own transport, consisting of the world's technology leaders in automotive market, as well as through regular partners
preserving the guarantees under the contract. We also provide services for the forwarding and delivery of goods, including modular and delicate.
In logistics it is especially important to work with reliable partners who are responsible for their words. The company "PRO-FEA" - it is such an organization. Our professionals provide
uninterrupted supply just in time, guarantee the quality and safety of delivered goods. By entrusting us to logistics operations and customs clearance,
you can be sure about the process.


630087, st. Nemirovich-Danchenko, d.138, of.9

+7 (383) 383-03-75 To get a consultation


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